SAP Weight Bridge Application Design (Full Documentation + Source Code)

The workstation used by the user in the weighing counter (gate office) is installed with SAP GUI as well as connected directly to the weighing device.
SAP WB interface is designed to function as a console which can record necessary data input in relates to the weighing process. The interface then process pre-defined SAP transactions depending on the scenario involved.
The three-main scenario is

1.Deliveries (outward movement of goods)
2.Receipt (inward movement of goods)
3.3rd Party Weighing (Non-SIMP or Bogasari transaction)

In summary, these are the processes that are catered in the WB interface program:

1.Registration of Vehicle;
2.Weighing of Vehicle;
3.Printing of Surat Jalan;
4.Automated SAP Transaction (Post Goods Issue or Transfer Posting);
5.Transaction Status Log (Reporting);
6.Transaction Error re-processing.

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